The RMYC, Dockside Bar & Outriggers Café is now closed until the 2018 boating season begins once again. Hopefully April.

2018 summer season is just around the corner. Well, hopefully!

Looking forward to the docks being in and watching the happiness begin.

Very much looking forward to quietly sipping my first docktail as soon as my boat is afloat!

Enjoy this chilly February and have a fantastic Valentines Day!

Home to the Dockside Bar & Outriggers Café & Catering

Open to the public. Drive north down Main St, 2 minutes past the perimeter, turn east (right) at the 2nd set of lights & down the street (Minnehaha). You'll find us!

Winnipeg's Premier Yacht Club

The Royal Manitoba Yacht Club (RMYC) is located north and just outside of Winnipeg and, with membership, offers extensive services including wide, fully serviced docks, launching facility, gas docks, pump out, winter and summer storage, restaurant, lounge, security, showers, sauna, barbecue facilities and fun activities all on a park like setting.

The Club


​​​Activities at the Club are pretty much done. The docks are out, St. Andrews Locks are open to let the Red recede for the spring thaw, and the place

looks pretty much empty.

Must say tho, the geese have replaced the docks and boats in the Red.

It's their turn I suppose.

I hope everyone gets their boats winter ready and covered with ease. Cannot imagine trying to tarp a boat with these winds that we have having lately.

Enjoy all your winter travels and adventures my fellow boaters. I know that each and everyone of you has trouble staying put or even sitting down for any length of time.

Stay safe and stay tuned.


Photo credit - Ron & Sharon Kolida