Roses are red

The Club is blue

From spending time

Away from you!

Soooo looking forward to our 2017 boating season. We have a lot of great events planned for y'all, with our first event being the Meet and Greet.

Winnipeg's Premier Yacht Club

The Royal Manitoba Yacht Club is located north and just outside of Winnipeg and, with membership, offers extensive services including wide, fully serviced docks, launching facility, gas docks, pump out, winter and summer storage, restaurant, lounge, security, showers, sauna, barbecue facilities and fun activities all on a park like setting.

The Club


Check out our 'About' page for the

2017 Social Events.

Steak, Pickerel, Dock-O-Rama, Bonfires,

Mama's Day and Papa's Day!

So many reasons to share our friendships and our common love for boating.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces again :-)