Patio is open starting Thursday 11:00 am and lasting all weekend! With live music this Saturday, we are the place to be. Meet you Dockside!

Dockside ~ Restaurant ~ Patio ~ Bar ~ Marina

is now open to the public for the 2018 summer season

Docks are in and we are looking good!

Time to unwrap your boat,

summerize your baby and shine her up!

What do you do when a boat gets sick?

You take it to the doc.

There is a big paddle sale at the boat store. It's quite an oar deal.

What keeps a dock floating above water?

Pier pressure.

I cannot think of any more boat puns. Canoe?

(204) 334-0530


Home to the Dockside Restaurant ~ patio ~ Bar ~ Marina
Open to the public 
Drive north down Main St, 2 minutes past the perimeter, turn east (right) at the 2nd set of lights & down the street (Minnehaha). See you Dockside!

Photo credit - Ron & Sharon Kolida

Winnipeg's Premier Yacht Club

The Royal Manitoba Yacht Club (RMYC) is located north and just outside of Winnipeg and, with membership, offers extensive services including wide, fully serviced docks, launching facility, gas docks, pump out, winter and summer storage, the Dockside Restaurant ~ Patio ~ Bar ~ Marina, hall rental discount, security, showers, sauna, barbecue facilities and fun activities all on a park like setting.

The public, anyone without a membership, is very welcome to enjoy the Dockside with it's fabulous river side deck. Free parking and free visitor docking while enjoying this fabulous venue. Hall rental also available.

The Club


​​​​​It's going to be a beautiful week​. . . 

Let me introduce Dockside's new Chef...

Mr. Robert Russell

​Robert is a native of Ocho Rios, Jamaica and has experience with some of the top chefs in Canada.

He is crazy excited to join our team and cannot wait to create for you.

By the way, he happens to have a talent with jerk chicken.

He is passionate about cooking with local and fresh ingredients.

Please stop by, say hello and enjoy this weekends bar and breakfast menu.

​Thursday, May 24th

​​Open at 11:00 am

Come for lunch!

Guaranteed sunshine!

No better place to enjoy a little

dining than on the patio

overlooking the Red​.

Friday, May 25th

Open at 11:00 am

Let's get some boats in!

And have some lunch. Maybe dinner too.

Mojito anyone? Caesar? Both?

Try our on-tap Dockside Lager

Saturday, May 26th

Open at 9:00 am

Band in the Hall; Ryan van Bellingham

This guy is a huge up and comer!

​(Suggested $10)

Sunday, May 27th

Opens at 9:00 am

A traditional day of relaxation.

Do it.On our patio.

 All links & more info is on our

Events page

Still have questions? rmyc_office@shaw.ca

Stay safe & stay tuned.