The Dockside staff would like to thank all the patrons for the wonderfully great 2018 season

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We are now closed for the 2018 Season & would love to see you again spring 2019


Even tho we do have the best atmosphere in town, we are now closed for the season. See you Dockside spring, 2019!

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The Last Hundred Days

Canada made great contributions and sacrifices in the First World War. Our many achievements on the battlefield were capped by a three-month stretech of victories at the end of the war during what came to be known as "Canada's Hundred Days."

The Western Front

​The first World War was fought from 1924 to 1918 and was the bloodiest war the world had ever seen up until that time. After the outbreak of the war, the fighting in France and Belgium soon turned into a stalemate of trench fighting. The Western Front was a string of trenches stretching from the North Sea to the Swiss Border, with the Allied and Germans armies facing one another across a harsh "No Man's Land" of barbed wire, shell craters and mud.

The Legacy

After more than four years of fighting, the war was finally over. Many of Canada's soldiers would serve as part of an occupation force in Germany, however, before finally being served being sent home in 1919. Canada's accomplishments had earned it a newfound respect and a recognition - both at home and around the world - that it was an independent country in its own right. This earned Canada a separate signature on the Treaty of Versailles that formally ended in the First World War. The war also served as an example of the country's commitment to defend peace and freedom. It would demonstrate this commitment time and time again in the years to come.

Excerpt and for more information: (The Last Hundred Days)


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Winnipeg's Premier Yacht Club

The Royal Manitoba Yacht Club (RMYC) is located north and just outside of Winnipeg in the West St. Paul area and runs alongside the Red River.

The Dockside Restaurant ~ Patio ~ Bar in the clubhouse is open to the public and offers a modern menu served in a contemporary restaurant, patio and bar.

The RMYC offers marina membership with an array of services that include wide, fully serviced docks, launching facility, gas docks, pump out, winter and summer storage, hall rental discount, security, showers, sauna, barbecue facilities and fun activities all on a park like setting.

Free parking and free visitor docking while enjoying this fabulous venue.

A Hall with seating for eighty is also available for a rental fee.

The Club