Wow, this year is going fast. Next is Christmas. Some people are thinking Black Friday is next but I'm not sure that is a gig I do not want to persue.

We might be closed to the public right now but while you are all going about your day we are thinking of new ways to keep you entertained in the 2019 season. Look forward to some scrumptious new menu items!

To help keep you entertained for the rest of this November I will throw out some dates for you to enjoy:

20th National Absurdity Day. What a farce. Haha, get it? Absurd. Farce. Haha. Yes, I'm sober.

21st World Hello Day. Hello from Adele. That worked out.

22nd Go For A Ride Day. Boating is out. Got those snow tires on?

23rd Fibonacci Day. What in the world is Fibonacci you ask. The question is who. He could explain math like no other in the Middle Ages. We should have a celebratory toast.

Also on the 23rd Buy Nothing Day. I dare you.

24th Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. I don't dare you.

25th Shopping Reminder Day. Wasn't I just told to not shop??

26th Cake Day. Does fudge count?

28th Red Planet Day. Mars. The fourth planet from the sun. We might actually live on this one someday.

29th Electronic Greeting Card Day. Who does not enjoy an e-card from JibJab?

30th Computer Security Day. Change your passwords.

Appreciate this eleventh month. It is not supposed to be super chilly and that's a good thing.​ Enjoy the full moon on the 23rd.

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Winnipeg's Premier Yacht Club

The Royal Manitoba Yacht Club (RMYC) is located north and just outside of Winnipeg in the West St. Paul area and runs alongside the Red River.

The Dockside Restaurant ~ Patio ~ Bar in the clubhouse is open to the public and offers a modern menu served in a contemporary restaurant, patio and bar.

The RMYC offers marina membership with an array of services that include wide, fully serviced docks, launching facility, gas docks, pump out, winter and summer storage, hall rental discount, security, showers, sauna, barbecue facilities and fun activities all on a park like setting.

Free parking and free visitor docking while enjoying this fabulous venue.

A Hall with seating for eighty is also available for a rental fee.

The Club


The Dockside staff would like to thank all the patrons for the wonderfully great 2018 season

Restaurant, Patio and Lounge

Dockside Restaurant ~ Patio ~​ Bar

We are now closed for the 2018 Season & would love to see you again spring 2019

Even tho we do have the best atmosphere in town, we are now closed for the season. See you Dockside spring, 2019!

home to the dockside restaurant ~patio
bar ~ marina
Seasonally open spring to fall
See you Dockside